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Rudechefkitchen Sitges Barcelona Private chef food
Rudechefkitchen Sitges Barcelona Private chef food
Rudechefkitchen Sitges Barcelona Private chef food

                                                                           Hello! Alec is here!


- My experience


  • 25 years’ experience in hospitality and I am really proud to have opened the 22 restaurants and cafes internationally

  • Chef and founder of Cooking Studio RudeChefKitchen / Spain, Barcelona-Sitges & Belgium, Brussels

  • Head Chef Healthy Food Creative. One Michelin Star, Gibraltar

  • Head of F&B Department Renaissance hotel chain, Hospitality industry,  East Europe

  • Executive Chef at Renaissance hotel 4*

  • And I found my food knowledge and experience through working and traveling around countries like Italy, Spain, France, Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, USA. It was long but interesting way that isn’t finished yet.


- My really chef education and other education 

2001 - Master Diploma “Economic and Managment”, Moscow State University

2002 – Diploma “Economist Accountant”, Moscow State University, Russia

2006 – Le Cordon Bleu, Baking&Pastry, Chocolate&Cake Decoration, Paris, France.

2016 – MBA, Diploma of Strategy Management, Open University, Israel, Tel-Aviv



-My inspiration and identity as a chef


My food is based on classical French and Pan-Asian cuisines, combined with a focus on achieving a Healthy and Nutritious balance as well as flavours. I like to play with a broad range of new and exciting ingredients, to allow me to create innovative new flavours and experiences. This allows me to tailor my recipes to meet the needs or dietary restrictions of my customers, whilst maintaining nutritional balance and taste.


Respecting the balance between foods in order to be healthy and achieve life goals.



-The way I see cuisine (my point of view on how and why cooking is important to me and for others)


For me, cooking is an exciting form of alchemy, where I can transform simple, basic ingredients into something that sets your taste buds on fire! I enjoy the creative process in the kitchen – it serves as a form of relaxation that helps overcome any challenge in daily life.


While I really enjoy the challenge of experimenting with ingredients and techniques, part of the fun is also trying to meet the taste expectations of my customers, as everyone has a different palate and different desires for their food, so you need to tailor your approach.


- What makes me different


When I work as a personal chef, I try to teach my customer about nutrition and how to improve their diet. I work with them to identify their goals, for example to lose 5 kilos, and take them to the supermarket and help them buy the right ingredients, before going with them to the kitchen to teach them to cook the recipes. It is a fully-tailored diet and cooking routine for each customer and it achieves real and lasting results.


- The way I want my next step in future to be


I live in Spain - my biggest love.


Spain is an interesting place for food, as it has a very open food culture, taking the best of different international influences, rather than only sticking rigidly to traditional recipes. I want to experiment with new techniques and traditions here in Spain and work with like-minded adventurous people. I really enjoy being a private chef or advising start-ups to develop their menus as each brings a unique challenge and experience.


- How my personal story impacts my cuisine


I have travelled a lot in my life and lived in many countries – Italy, France, Germany, Russia, US, Israel, UK Gibraltar, Spain to name a few! Every country gives a new influence to my cooking, with new ingredients flavours and recipes. When I visit or live in a new place, I always make sure I experience the traditional cuisine as well as understand the local ingredients. I can then integrate these into my own cooking.

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About my amazing co-Chef Michal

I am Michal, and I am always cooking!

Over the past 20 years I have been cooking for my family and friends, and in the last few years I made my dream come true and became a private chef !

I was born in Israel, and so have a big passion for Mediterranean food, Israeli and Jewish food and especially baking.

For the past 7 years I've been living in Barcelona, so some Spanish flavours are influencing my food too!

Cooking is my passion and you should definitely try it.

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