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Rudechefkitchen Sitges Barcelona Private chef food reviews


   I wouldn’t be the first one who tells that cooking isn’t really my thing. But once I’ve made a silly promise and Alec basically saved me that time.
  With my partner we have planned a birthday party on the beach and Alec made for us tasty but easy snacks - delicious appetizers, freshly baked cookies, croissants and much more.
  The main idea was that I promised  to cook it all by myself! (and I really have no idea how to do it well , tasty and simple !) Thats why I asked Alec to make something simple,  but delicious- so I can easily tell what those snacks are and how did I make them!

  Win to win situation !

Rudechefkitchen Sitges Barcelona Private chef food reviews

Cate & Thomas

  The rudechefkitchen is an amazing concept. My boyfriend and I selected a few meals from the website, including pancakes for the morning, the Pad Thai, soups and more. It was a pleasure to go and select our products ourselves so Alec could cook them.

  We received a huge quantity of different meals. Some we ate fresh during the few next days and others we froze. Any time we do not want to cook or do not have the time, we just pick in the freezer what we want and heat it in the oven or the microwave. It is so easy and let me tell you, it is amazingly good.

Rudechefkitchen Sitges Barcelona Private chef food reviews

David Kyle Martin

I have had the great pleasure of hiring rudechefkitchen for corporate events as well as private dinners for friends and family and the food has been exceptional every time. The highlight was an aviation-themed lunch buffet for 50 people, with the best cured salmon, roast beef, canapes and other culinary delights spectacularly served on a real aircraft wing! No matter the event - big or small, you can assured that rudechefkitchen will delight your tastebuds and impress your guests with a unique experience every time!


Lincholn & friends
Master class Paella

A great evening had by all

Tripadvisor review: 3-Hour Spanish Cuisine Private Cooking Masterclass in Sitges

This was the perfect surprise birthday treat for a friend and all 4 of us enjoyed learning to make paella. The chef was warm, welcoming and funny, a really lovely guy, ensuring that we all took part and understood the key techniques. We all left having had a great evening and confident in what we learned. I would recommend this as an alternative to a meal out or a training session and for us it was as very much a cooking with friends experience. The weather was questionable on the day (as you cook on a large roof terrace) the chef kept in close contact to ensure we were safe to go for it.
A really great evening 😊

Image by Vadim Paripa

Paul and Olga
5 days wedding celebration

Tonight was a super busy night for us. All of the paellas were excellent. Thank you so much for being so low maintenance. A lot of things have gone wrong on this trip, but you and your team are doing such a good job. Very glad that I don't have to worry about anybody being fed something delicious and healthy. You and tour team were one of the biggest highlights of the week.


Kodi Foundation

Organizing full meal day plan: breakfast/lunch/dinner
(in Spain Spring'22 and in Italy Spring'23)

Alec! I just back to US. Thank you guys! Food and everything were amazing! You two are the best and we really appreiciate you!

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