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Caprese Scewers

Mini Mozzarella, Tomatoes cherry, basyl


Chicken Cheese salad in basket

Chicken, Cheese, eggs and potatoes in fluffy dough basket with homemade mayonnaise.



Beetroot salad

Beetroot, pinenuts, goat cheese, rucola, basil, honey&balsamic dressing


Quinoa salad

Quinoa, rucola, avocado, tomatoes, basil, honey&olive oil dressing



Cheese Board or Mix with Meat

5 types of local Cheese, berries, fruits, honey


Charcuterie board

Meat, Fuet, Jamon, Olives and pickles



Jamon station with Chef

Jamon iberico or serrano, bread.


Tapas with olive tapenade and Fuet

Ciabatta  with local sausages.


WhatsApp Image 2021-09-28 at 13.52.15.jpeg

Bruschetta with salmon

Home made cured salmon with capers, cheese cream and red and black caviar.

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Bruschetta with Goat cheese

Ciabatta  with goat cheese, fugues, pear, raspberry sauce .



Tapas with dried tomatoes and Chorizo

Home made bread, tomatos with dulce spices chorizo.


Patatas Bravas

Spanish fried potatoes with Bravas spicy dressing.


anchovy olives.jpg

Tapas with pickles, olives and anchovy


Tartalets with  Guacamole



Crocuettes with





Bruschetta Vegan with Nuts and soya meat

Ciabatta  with goat cheese, fugues, pear, raspberry sauce .



Bruschetta with Jamon

Hamon Iberico, tomatoes Cherry and cheese paste.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-28 at 13.50.40.jpeg

Bruschetta with Avocado

Fresh homemade ciabatta with guacamole, avocado, tomato cherry and sesame seeds .         


empanadas sitges.jpg


- Cheese and spinach

- 4 cheese

- Mushrooms

- Dried tomatoes, basil and mozarella

- Ham and potatoes

or anything that you like...         



Avocado-Dressing-Recipe Rudechefkitchen Sitges Barcelona Private chef food

Home made Guacamole

Fresh avocado, cilantro, fermented garlic, lime, lemon, herbs and olive oil.        


Cured Salmon homemade Rudechefkitchen Sitges Barcelona Private chef food

Home curried Salmon

It is recipe of my Grandma.    




traditional oriental dish of chickpeas, olive, sesame oil and aromatic herbs     

Baba Ganush

traditional oriental dish of baked vegetables, olive, sesame oil and aromatic herbs                         


Turkey with cranberry sauce

Baked with herbs and sweet paprika         


Roasted chicken 

- classic with herbs and sea salt and


- or with honey, oranges and balsamic

- or Sweet and sour sauce

- or Sour cream and mustard

- or Mediterranean style with olives, tomatoes and lemon            


Roasted Lamb

Lamb, potatoes, onion, garlic, oil, carrot, mustard, herbs.            

salmon Rudechefkitchen Sitges Barcelona Private chef food

Salmon en croute 

salmon baked in puff pastry with spinach and onion filling.


Cheese pie

Phyllo dough with cheese and herbs

- classic cheese

- mushrooms

- vegetables (carrot, onion, pepper and celery )


Sweet potatoes pie with Goat cheese

Sweet potatoes, carrot, eggs, goat cheese and rosemary.         

spinachopita Rudechefkitchen Sitges Barcelona Private chef food

Spanakopita 15 e * 4 persons

This is an authentic, really rich pie stuffed with spinach, onions, cheeses and herbs that are all enfolded by crispy, flaky phyllo dough


Grill Meat, Chicken or Fish

on Skewer with vegetables



English High Tea (price by request)

- Mini Sandwishes: Salmon and cream cheese, Ham&Cheese, Cucumber, Egg Mayo, Tuna Salad, Coronation chicken

- Mini sausage rolls
- Mini Scotch eggs
- Mini Quiches Loran or Dried Tomatoes&Parmesan&Ham 
- Scones with clotted cream and Jam
- Mini Eclairs: choco, vanilla or coffee
- Mini Cupcakes: choco, vanilla or strawberry
- Chocolate cookies: white or dark choco, red velvet, classic Oat&Dried Fruits
- Mini Fruit tarts with custard
- Mini Lemon meringue pies



Customized Donut 3 e

- Raspberry, Blueberry and white Chocolate

- Black Choco and M&M

- Coco&White Choco

- Almonds and Pistachio


Cupcake 4 euro

- Classic Vanilla with caramel 

- Strawberry white chocolate

- Dark Chocolate

- Marshmallow 

- Choco, French Meringue and Raspberry

strawberry cake.jpg

White Chocolate Cake with Salt caramel and Strawberry  (min 5 portions)

1 portion 8 e


Dark Choco Orange cake

(min 5 portions)

1 portion 8 e


Milk Chocolate Raspberry cake 

(min 5 portions)

1 portion 8 e


Blueberry Cake with cream cheese

(min 5 portions)

1 portion 8 e

cheese cake.jpg

Cheese cake



-apple cinnamon

(min 6 portions)

1 portion 8 e

rainbow cake.jpg

Rainbow cake 

"Because I'm proud"

(min 5 portions)


1 portion 8 e

Order min before 48 hours

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